A Winter Charm

Winter Deep
Lulls all to sleep
And bids to rest
On snowy breast.
We gather close for strength and warmth,
With glowing fires on the family’s hearth.
Our warm circle defies the cold
And we share with our young ones the tales of old.
Sharing wisdom, passing traditions
From our hearts unto the next generation.
Teaching and keeping good herbal lore
Helps keep us from the doctor’s door.
We must keep our immune systems strong
To keep us in health all winter long.
Garlic, Echinacea, and vitamin C
Helps keep us hale and Blessed Be.
Scarves of scarlet and woolen hat
Keeps the body’s warmth intact.
Keep the feet and hands warm and dry
If in good health ye wish to abide!

On sunny days we go outdoors and romp
But on the doormat do not fail to stomp.
We like to tobaggon, sled and ice skate
And keep a cheery bonfire where the fellowship us great.
The air is cold, crisp and clean
And white hills dance with the evergreens.
Wintry animals have donned shaggy winter fur
To keep their bodies from going “Brrrrr!”
We must leave gifts of bread and various seed
To help our bird friends in their time of need.
We take joy in winter, for in it we feel
It is the time of rest, on the turn of the wheel.
The gray skies and frozen ground do not carry much gloom
For we know that beneath the snow, spring awaits to bloom.
So we rejoice in our Lady’s time of peace and rest,
For with wisdom, we know that in good health we’ll be blessed!
-Beth Sage -Owens


About earthypoetgrrl

Greetings! I am a CathloBuddahPagan that lives in the rolling Flint Hills of NC Kansas. I am a woman of many hats, including but not limited to: newlywed, momma to 7 wonderfully creative children and 2--soon 3 grandbabies, freelance writer, long-time 'ziner, ("Talmidim" and "Letters to my Daughters") lay herbalist, social work student, and happy camper.
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2 Responses to A Winter Charm

  1. Hi Beth, thanks for commenting on my site. Your poem creates a mood of warmth and peace. Very soothing.

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