I have read about the recent signing of an Executive Order titled “National Defense Resources Preparedness” and it makes me think, wow, wasn’t this what we Americans fought WW2 for–one country bent on fascism, complete control over all resources? I have read how some are saying that this EO is simply an update to an older order that existed before Homeland Security and whatnot. It can be really scary when you consider the direction our country is heading in, and I truly believe that when approached with total fear, what you focus upon can E X P A N D and dominate your whole way of thinking. I don’t want to live in fear. I want to be aware of what is truly happening, don’t want to be an ostrich, and I don’t want to sound like a pie-in-the-sky person, but I really have a deep sense of peace and what is Psalm 27 is shining in my heart, giving me joy and strength.

“The Lord is my strength and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life,of whom shall I be afraid”? I think if there were ever a time to understand what Christians call spiritual warfare it is now. We don’t need simply the words, any literate person can read these, we need the truth, the reality, the power that prompted the psalmist to write this. We need to know, beyond all doubt, that what-is-God is our strength and our joy, and to be guided and led by such.

So I am determined not to be soul-sick with fear, not to be an ostrich either, but hopefully be strong in spirit and faith and an encouragement to those around me!


About earthypoetgrrl

Greetings! I am a CathloBuddahPagan that lives in the rolling Flint Hills of NC Kansas. I am a woman of many hats, including but not limited to: newlywed, momma to 7 wonderfully creative children and 2--soon 3 grandbabies, freelance writer, long-time 'ziner, ("Talmidim" and "Letters to my Daughters") lay herbalist, social work student, and happy camper.
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