Prepping series w/ intro

Theories are rife concerning some kind of cataclysmic upheaval in our country, on our Earth. I give any theory a 50/50 chance to boot….hey, it could either happen or not! Some theories go up, way up, on that percentage due to obvious behaviors and trends. I have no particular theory that I feel most strongly about, I know I certainly DON’T believe in the Mayan calender theory:) but like people who are awake and aware, I look at weather and climate changes,resource depletion, worldwide violence, turbulence, and social upheaval, and a growing trend towards fascism in our own country, and I have concern as to the reality, longevity and health of the “American way of life”.
In the 90’s we had a great concern for the gross superinflation of the stock market. It seemed like like huge, improbable bubble that would inevitably burst. In all honesty I think the “can has been kicked” down the road this far by means of extending credit and printing money. Since the 90’s, we have seen an explosion of extended credit, a huge real estate market bubble inflate and then burst, leaving a trail of devastation. Government bailouts for big corporations, government spending creating another huge bubble, more borrowing and then spending much more than we could ever have. How can anyone believe this could go on forever?
In the stock market there are things called “corrections”. Although I have no pet theory, I THINK what I have been really expecting is a correction of sorts in the economic realm.
In the 90’s, we took a series of classes with a huge motley crew of other concerned persons and what is now called “preppers”. Back in the day, although prepping was referred to as “Emergency Preparedness”, the movement was moreso termed such as “Self-suffiency”, sustainabilty, and if you were really hardcore–survivalist. It was great—a mixxed bag of preppers, Amish, Liberarians, 2nd Amendment folks, organic farmers, homeschoolers, and conspiracy theorists! Kind of like the reader/writers in Countryside magazine! 🙂
In the classes we were exposed to the writings of a Don MacAlvany. He wrote a world report, I believe–monthly–but he also wrote up a 38 point page titled “Principles of Self-Sufficiency”. It is on this note that I would like to pen my thoughts concerning prepping. It is an EXCELLENT list, I will take a theme, draw upon a few points, and then put my personal elaboration. IF anyone would like the complete list (and not have to patch together my points!) pleas email me at and I’ll send you out one.

Prepping 1: What do you have? What do you need?
Point 24: Bring orderliness into your life. (If you live in disorder it will pull you down, it will break your focus. Think focus versus distraction. Eliminate the distractions from your life.)
Point 32: Beware of being spread too thin in your life. Decide on the few things that you must do and do them well. (Think focus versus distraction.) Make sure that unimportant, non-essential distractions don’t keep you from achieving your important objectives.
Point 37: Sell of give away things you do not use or need. Consider giving away or selling 50% of your “stuff”. (i.e. the non-essentials) Simplify and streamline your life, lifestyle and possessions.

The very word “prepping” implies the OBTAINING of needed materials for whatever project one has in mind. Likewise, in the self-sufficiency movement, in embracing “prepping”, a frequent initial question is “what do I need?” But before one runs out and obtains more stuff…they really need to take inventory of what they already HAVE. It’s rather timley that I am writing this in the Spring, as this is a great opportunity to do that Spring cleaning and inventory. Clutter is little more than a distraction…and clutter brings imbalance in all areas–physical, mental and emotional.
De-cluttering will always be an on-going project, but my challenge today is this: As I clean each room, each closet, each drawer, I will give away, throw away, or sell each thing that our family has no immediate use for. The hippies of old used to have a saying, “Give your stuff away!” Well–not a bad idea.
We are only given so much energy each day to fulfill each day’s tasks and callings. Challenge: take an honest inventory of your home, your life; see where your energy is going, and bravely part yourself from the distractions. I am not suggesting being a totally goal-oriented person, the roses are there for us to stop and smell 🙂 but by bringing orderliness into your life, you also find peace, balance, and strength.


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Greetings! I am a CathloBuddahPagan that lives in the rolling Flint Hills of NC Kansas. I am a woman of many hats, including but not limited to: newlywed, momma to 7 wonderfully creative children and 2--soon 3 grandbabies, freelance writer, long-time 'ziner, ("Talmidim" and "Letters to my Daughters") lay herbalist, social work student, and happy camper.
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One Response to Prepping series w/ intro

  1. Judy Justice says:

    One of my “big” goals for this year is bring order to my home. I have given away items over the last couple of years. What is left I have 3 categories: 1) Keep as part of my collections and for my estate 2) Use 3) Sell. Sounds like you are looking at the samething. 🙂

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